The need for a solicitor

All mortgage transactions require the input of a conveyancing solicitor to bring them to completion, unless you are simply negotiating a new deal with your existing mortgage lender, known as a Product Transfer.

This applies whether you are buying, selling or remortgaging.

The solicitor works to protect your interests as the existing or potential owner of the property, and to protect the interests of the mortgage lender by ensuring that their rights over the property are properly secured.

The difficulty lies in finding the right lawyer, because the quality of service and more importantly the costs can vary enormously between firms.

Strictly Mortgages works with the Optimus panel of solicitors because they offer the following advantages:

  • solicitors that specialise in property conveyancing and are therefore efficient and cost effective
  • the progress of all work is closely monitored
  • all fees are fixed at the outset
  • fees will not be charged if a transaction falls through.
  • if you use us as your mortgage adviser, we will be kept updated with the progress of your case


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