Strictly Mortgages would like to give you this opportunity to vote on the most crucial issue facing our nation at the present time.
The premise behind this survey is simple: the British people have chosen to leave the EU but the politicians have failed to agree an acceptable means of leaving.
The people should therefore have the opportunity of demonstrating their preferred option to the politicians.
At Strictly Mortgages we have faith in the intelligence and integrity of the British people, and we firmly reject the idea that they did not know what they were voting for in the referendum, or indeed that any significant new information has come to light since the original debate.
Whilst this is a private survey being conducted on a relatively small scale we will ensure that the powers that be are made aware of the outcome if we get sufficient interest and it throws up a significant result.
Given that the decision to leave has already been made, only two options remain and we would welcome your opinion by returning this survey.

We are therefore presenting you with 2 options for the purpose of this vote:

1. Adopt Theresa May's compromise deal in order to achieve a smooth exit, and trust the Europeans not to take unfair advantage in future negotiations.

2. Make a clean exit on the appointed date, save £39 billion in the process and negotiate a future relationship from a position of strength.

Please refer to our Privacy Statement regarding the use of your personal data.