Professional Mortgage Services for Estate Agents


Life would be a dream if every client was a cash buyer. All you would have to do would be to take instructions, negotiate the prices, sell the houses and take your commission.

The only people standing in your way would be the surveyors throwing an occasional spanner in the works, and the conveyancing solicitors dragging out the legal process to justify their existence.

Unfortunately however, only a small minority of customers have the money in their back pocket to buy a house outright and this leads us into the complex and time-consuming world of arranging mortgages.

You may take the view that it doesn't matter where your clients get their mortgage, but I would venture to suggest that getting this right is the most critical factor affecting your bottom line:

Any delay in raising a mortgage will delay completion of the sale and hit your cash flow

Mortgage delays can cause transactions to be aborted and sales lost

Mortgage declines can have an even more damaging effect on your business and on the customer's own prospects of achieving a successful purchase

Very few people have the straightforward financial and employment profile that the high street banks are looking for

Customers doing it themselves can easily get rebuffed by High Street lenders wasting everybody's time and money

Not every mortgage broker has the experience, expertise or professionalism to get it right first time whatever the client's circumstances

A poor customer experience with the broker can be just as off-putting for a client as a rude negotiator


I can put the client's mind at rest by providing a free fact find review without obligation and without the need for a physical meeting, and at a time to suit them

I can advise on the client's realistic mortgage expectations and on occasion raise their sights to new levels

I can also advise when a client's expectations are unrealistic to avoid wasting everybody's time and money

When a client's circumstances are challenging I can usually find a solution, and it will always be the best available solution in the market for that client

I monitor the mortgage application process and beyond every step of the way with a view to achieving the fastest possible turnaround

I monitor the legal process to iron out any glitches
In short, I do everything possible to smooth out the mortgage process and minimise the time from offer to completi


How many boxes have you ticked?

If any of these issues are affecting your business then maybe we should talk.

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