Professional Mortgage Services for Solicitors


We cannot act both as effective professionals and as a Jack of all trades at the same time, but our clients' needs are not restricted to any one specialism and it therefore behoves us to collaborate as appropriate in the best interests of our clients.

Sometimes you may become aware of a pressing and unrelated client need outside of your own area of expertise in the course of servicing that client, and on other occasions your own service may be facilitated by input from another discipline.

If you are drafting a partnership or shareholder agreement your work will have been for nothing if there is no protection insurance in place and hence no funds available to buy out the interests of a deceased member.

It may not be possible to implement a divorce settlement if the means can't be found for one partner to buy out the equity in the family home from the other, and even once it has been completed both parties will be in serious need of financial advice to organise their respective affairs for the future based on a reduced share of the family resources.
– and how do you resolve the issue of life policies held in joint names?


These are just a few examples of situations where professional advice may be needed from a mortgage and protection broker, and no doubt you will be able to identify many more such scenarios.

If you can foresee the need for this type of support arising in the course of your work, or if you have current cases requiring immediate attention, why not complete the Professional Enquiry form now to start building a relationship that will provide the necessary backup service?

For divorce cases we offer a MORTGAGE CAPACITY STATEMENT service at a fixed fee of £197.00  We can be instructed through the Enquiry form, and we will always need to carry out a detailed Fact Find interview with the client, which can usually be done by telephone. A copy of the Form E also gives very useful data together with a note of the assumptions to be made in our assessment relating to such things as an anticipated maintenance arrangement, debts to be cleared and future earnings.

Do you ever have doubts about the quality of financial advice your clients have received in connection with personal and commercial property transactions and the  supporting insurances? If so you might want to consider recommending our no cost 2nd opinion mortgage review service.

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