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You may be approaching retirement with an interest-only mortgage outstanding and no obvious way to repay it.

You may have been quoted an unaffordable repayment figure for your new mortgage because they will only lend up to a certain age.

You may be self-employed and planning to work well past the state retirement age but struggling to extend your mortgage through to your planned retirement.

You may be considering early retirement but are concerned that you can't afford do so because of the outstanding mortgage. 

You may want to help your children get on the housing ladder but unable to raise required money due to your age.

You may want to move closer to your children and grandchildren who live in a more expensive area but have been told you can't afford the additional mortgage.

You may feel under pressure to trade down to a smaller property but don't wish to leave the house you have lived in your whole life.

You may have lost a partner and suddenly find yourself on a much reduced income.

You may have heard about Equity Release but have serious misgivings about the effect on your future security and inheritance for your children.

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At Strictly Mortgages we have a wealth of experience and can often come up with surprising solutions for the above problems.

After analysing your circumstances we will advise you whether it is appropriate to apply for some form of lending into retirement or possibly an equity release arrangement, or whether we think some other solution may be better.

We will explain your options and explain the differences between the various types of lending.
As a starting point you may wish to read the website pages explaining Lending into Retirement and Equity Release. 

But for FREE ADVICE tell us what your problem is on the Enquiry Form below and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with an expert answer to your questions and guidance as to the best course of action.


For professional advice on buy to let mortgages you need a specialist, and the same thing applies whether you are running a large property portfolio or just considering your first let-to-buy transaction.
For a rapid response simply skip to the contact form at the bottom of this page and give us a brief outline of your requirements.

In these uncertain economic times and with deposit rates at historic lows, many of you have turned to property as the best alternative form of investment.
Property investment offers the prospect (but not the guarantee) of steady capital growth combined with the ability to earn income from rentals.
If you have moved home, and kept the original property as an investment, your mortgage on that property will be treated as a "Consumer Buy to Let".
This means that your mortgage will be subject to the same regulation as a residential mortgage, which gives you greater protections but means that the mortgage will be more complex to arrange.

Not all mortgage lenders will lend on a let-to-buy situation, and those that do have their specific areas of interest.
In order to match you to a lender we will need to take account of the following factors:

  • whether or not you have a consumer buy to let
  • how much earned income you have apart from the rentals
  • how much rental income you are earning from all properties
  • how many let properties you have in total
  • how many of those are mortgaged
  • how many mortgages you have with a specific lender
  • whether you have experienced any credit issues
  • the total value of outstanding mortgages compared to the total property value



We will match your needs to our unique matrix of buy-to-let lenders, and find the cheapest match to your circumstances and your requirements.

We will explain your options and put you in a position to decide what is in your best short and long term interests.

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