Cheltenham Specialist Mortgages for IT Contractors


In some industries it is the norm to work on fixed term contracts, or you may choose to do so in order to enhance your earnings.

The difficulty this can cause in raising a mortgage is that the majority of lenders like to see that you are in permanent employment, and a fixed term contract does not fit that definition.

However, we do have access to a number of lenders that understand the needs of contractors. Each of these lenders has their own specific criteria but we are able to assess your requirements and match you with the most appropriate mortgage source.

Whether you are employed or contracting, it is generally not a good idea to change your status if you are planning a mortgage application in the near future because it always helps to be able to demonstrate continuity.


Contractor mortgages is a speciality of Strictly Mortgages.
We maintain our own exclusive database of banks and building societies willing to lend to contractors.

We have worked alongside the leading provider of tax planning schemes for contractors and we therefore have a thorough knowledge of the types of structures you work in.
We have presented seminars on the subject of contractor mortgages.
Combine this with our background in the accountancy profession and we have an excellent understanding of the nature of your contracts and and how best to present them to the lenders.

We are confident therefore that we are one of the very few broking organisations that can provide an adequate mortgage service for contractors.

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Your Home (or property) may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debts secured on it.

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